The Dead of Winter




So you naively thought that last year’s ASPHYX and HOODED MENACE split was the heaviest shit who had ever landed on DOOMENTIA right?! You feeble victims… Then again, is there any other bands on the fuckin’ planet who could pretend to be heavier than UNDERGANG and FUNEBRARUM?! The first one may still be seen as a ‘young’ band from Copenhagen, Denmark, while besides having individually been dwelling in the US underground for almost two decades the collective known as FUNEBRARUM had been waving the flag of ‘real’ death-metal since 1999, but both share the same outlook on what their music should look, be like and sound like. And both agree that the overall lowend has to have the size of Manhattan and an appetite for destruction worthy of Godzilla. Having teamed up for a fifteen dates European tour that is due to start on February 11th, one could only wonder how many will be left standing by the time both acts are done desecrating the earth…

But what a better way to celebrate this congregation of apocalyptic riders than releasing a monstrous split 7 inches in the purest underground tradition?! FUNEBRATUM’ side not only features their first ever track since 2009’s ‘The Sleep Of Morbid Dreams’ but the exclusive “Delusions In The Sheltered Tombs” (recorded last December) is their first ever song to feature their brand new, three-guitars line-up with the recent addition of INCANTATION and GOREAPHOBIA axeman Alex Bouks.

On the flipside, hot on the heels of the acclaimed released of their second full-length ‘Til Døden Os Skiller’ on XTREEM MUSIC, UNDERGANG also offers another slab of exclusive to this release slab of rotten death fuckin’ metal, one primitive and brutal five minutes slice with sick vokills called “Kloakkens Afkom”.

So there you go: two bands, two different styles yet one common goal: taking death-metal back to its dirtiest, ugliest and most ‘fuck you’ form. Hail!


released April 26, 2012



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Doomentia Records Jihočeský, Czech Republic

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