Weight Of Coronation


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RHINO is dead, long live HORN OF THE RHINO!
Those Spaniards may have had to change their moniker due to copyrights problems (how rock n’roll is that?!) but make no mistake, this is exactly the same band that crushed both our souls and balls with two already heavier-than-thou albums, 2007’s ‘Breed the Chosen One’ and the following year’s ‘Dead Throne Monarch’. But somehow, ‘Weight of Coronation’ is a tad of a different beast though…
This being said, their music still weights more than a pack of bricks thrown from the 10th floor and as soon as opening track “Speaking in Tongues” will kick you in right in the nuts, you’ll be in awe of their amazingly grainy and juicy six-strings sound, like some weird Yeti crawling out step by step from a lake of black tar. And if the title alone of the track “Crushed and Drugged to the Swamp” doesn’t sound like a nasty plan, nothing will.
But the (dark) beauty of ‘Weight’ doesn’t lie only in its sense of gravity. Having thrown the rules out of the window, this power-trio greatest strength is their uncanny ability to make utter darkness and light meets. For every brutal pummeling riff they throw at you, they also can showcase the next minute mesmerizing melodies and beautiful (yeah you heard us) 70’s rock feeling. Fuck, how many bands can pull off smashing your head through a wall (“Mass Burial Punishement”) and then when you’re down bleeding enchant you with some ALICE IN CHAINS-goes-sludge (“Sovereign”) where some great Hammond organ is being poured on you like sweet honey on a hot chocolate cake freshly out of the oven?! None, unless you’re called HORN OF THE RHINO.
Recorded in Bilbao at Koba studios in March 2010, once again featuring the disturbing artwork of Rafa Garrés, which will even make your truest BM fan shit in their pants, and with five tracks out of eight breaking the eight minutes mark. ‘Weight of Coronation’ is one hell of a record that NEEDS to be checked out but hey, HORN OF THE RHINO are one hell of a band right?!


released April 17, 2012



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Doomentia Records Jihočeský, Czech Republic

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